my first newborn

I tell myself all the time that i am specialized in food and product photography, i like photographing humans, but it's not my specialty. I've been telling myself that for the past two years since i seriously started photographing people. It's a security blanket...but honestly im out of that security now, i'm a human photographer. I've been lucky enough to have a great mentor to help me transition into the human market, my friend Jana of Jana Davis Pearl Photography. Formerly Sao Paulo based, she is now based in New York City. Lucky New Yorkers! I've inherited a few of her former clients, including an amazing family with a brand new addition. Infant photography is more or less a one time shot, a week later they are already a lot larger. So when the C family asked me to photograph their brand new son, i was nervous as hell! Luckily, through Jana's recommendation they trusted me to come into their home and photograph them in a very intimate light, less than two weeks after the birth of their beautiful son. You must be comfortable with your photographer to let them into your home at a very vulnerable moment in your life, but if you do it is an amazing experience for the photographer. With that said, i think i have fallen in love with baby photography! Excited for the next bundle of joy. 

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