Farmhouse Table -- Sneak Peek

You know, a lot of people ask me whether I prefer photographing people or food. My love for photography, as well as my career, began with food photography. It's technically still life, or product photography, though I don't really see it that way. Food is an extension of the the personality of its maker, that's why food styling is such a big industry compared to say,  household applicance styling. I like to see the personality of the dish in the photo, which is the same way I stylize my photo sessions with people. I don't like to rely on fake props or over the top trending do-dads (ie: turning your child into a tortoise while shoving him into a crate and twisting his head sideways -- or in the food world milk bottles and mason jars--mason jars just really aren't appropriate in every situation!) I believe that now I can safely say I love food styling, wedding photography and portrait photography all equally. If there is a beautiful and interesting story to tell, whether it's a piece of chicken, a baby, a cake or a bride and groom walking down the aisle, I am thrilled to work on it. And then eat it, of course. The chicken that is....

When I photograph food i photograph real food. I don't put glue in a bowl of cereal or hair dry a bun (is that a thing?) We all know when a photo of food is fake--have you ever looked at a fast food ad and really thought to yourself, wow that is definitely a real photo! No, you probably haven't. Fast and commercial food styling is a different beast, it's a given that the food is partially if not all fake/inedible. Which is fine, as its own category. But most restaurants, small businesses, cafes and bakeshops tend to prefer photos of their actaul food. I hate throwing food away after a shoot, especially when your clients are pro chefs and bakers, the food is too good to toss!

I am so happy to be working on photos with a local catering company here in Rochester -- Farmhouse Table Food. I was able to pop in to a real event they were catering (don't mind me sneaking into your wedding to take a photo of your food please!) to get some live action shots. This husband-wife team focuses on rustic style, scratch-baked farm food with an emphasis on local suppliers. Hooray for real food! Stay tuned over the next few months as the project unfolds ;)

BBQ (26).jpg