Bonjour, Rochester!

I've spent seemingly my entire adult life inside the expat community. Whether in France, Brazil or now here - in Rochester. I know, how can an American be an expat inside the USA? My family will always be partly foreign no matter where we go for the rest of our lives, so that expat nugget inside of me hangs on in order to not "get out of practice."  I suppose I feel at home with the expat community, I know what they're going through and how difficult the expat life can be at times. But I also know that what can make or break an expat's stay is outlook. Rochester is by far not the "American Dream" that comes to mind when non-Americans think about the USA. Winter is rough, really rough. The city is in transition. Rochester was once a great manufacturing city, but like so many other cities along the (does Rochester count?) rust belt region in the USA, it was hit hard by the dismantling of industry. But the area is recovering. If anything, Rochester represents a far more realistic panorama of the American life, the real American life as opposed to dreams of Manhattan city lofts. So for many expats Rochester can be tough, boring, simple...the truth is that it can be whatever you make it. You find what you seek, if you're looking for things that will make you happy you will find them. I was thrilled to do a family shoot for a new expat family in Rochester in order to commemorate their move here. How great is that? Taking Rochester by the horns and enjoying it. We're happy to have your beautiful family here!