Buying local. It's a dream phrase. As i mentioned in the previous post, one of the things i was looking forward to the most about Rochester was the ability to buy local food stuffs. 

My first adventures with local products aren't as romantic as picking strawberries off a bush, but they're items that can be purchased year round. Milk! and Beef! First is the Pittsford Farms Dairy. Pittsford is a suburb of Rochester and is only about fifteen minutes from my house. They are famous in the area for their milk, which they pasteurize in their own facility. They recieve raw organic milk from three different dairy farms located about forty five minutes south of Rochester. The milk they process is used to make their signature products like butter, ice cream and egg nog. The taste is notably different from that of supermarket milk. Maybe it's just the glass bottle (which you can return each time) but it is close enough to make it practical for me to visit once a week for my dairy needs. 

My second local find was visiting the farm store of Wilson Beef Farm in Canaseraga, NY. It's about an hour south of Rochester, so it's not a weekly grocery trip. But once every three months is more than doable. The cows are hormone and antibiotic free and are fed both in pasteur and on feed. I don't eat a lot of meat, but i appreciate it. And the flank steak is incredible. Whether local or not, buying cruelty free meat and eggs should be at the top of your list when searching for a source. 

I'm definitely looking forward to finding more local foodstuffs in the area!