Food Trends

Ramps. They are this year's it vegetable. A few years ago kale was the food blogger/instagrammer's golden child, remember kale cihps? Sadly it has since dropped status and has become the butt of many unfavorable jokes and memes. Food trends. We love them. They are an integral part of the American cultural identity. Why? To me, what defines American cuisine is it's versatility and it's ability to constantly change; it's the cuisine that is always searching for the next new thing. What's new. What's next. Our food has always been this way. I can't tell you how may people in Brazil asked me if Americans eat hamburgers and hot dogs every response was usually somewhat acidic, clicking my tongue saying no, we eat Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican -- a whole lotta Mexican -- Southern, French, Japanese and German food every day. But you eat rice and beans every day. Granted, American cuisine does have the regretable shadow of being swallowed by big Fast Food  and processed food corporations...but even so If you go into any home in America and ask a family about their favorite foods they will most likely still reply with a food that reminds them of home and family, something their mom or grandma once made. I guarantee you that it's not a bag of doritos. 

As for food trends, the current wave seems to be a bit greener than the past few years. Less than ten year ago haute cupcakes where a huge game player. Hundreds of boutique cupcake shops sprung up around the country. The cupcake trend was soon overtaken by the French macaron fad (i actually remember this being around 2009 or so) and was then followed by cake pops, cronuts and whatever else is lurking currently in the foodie blog world. I love food trends. Food is one of the few things we all do. Well, unless you are a new subscriber of soylent. No, no soylent cannot be a food trend!

What to do with my trendy ramps....there are many options out there. Pickled, fried, sauteed -- or how about pesto? Pesto it is. My trendy ramp pesto contains diced ramps, 1/4 cup olive oil, 3 cloves garlic, crushed walnuts, salt and pepper. I actually ground the pesto by hand with the pestle because i haven't purchased a new food processor yet. It's more work but the result is much fresher, thicker. I recommend giving it a try if you have the extra time. 

What has been your favorite food trend of the past decade?