One thing I love about photographing babies is that I get to watch them grow. From infancy to one month to a year later. The change is incredible. But change doesn't end when babies grow up. Senior photos are the last sessions parents can (usually!) schedule for their children before they start to schedule their own shoots (engagement, wedding, children of their own, etc.) so it's an incredible moment to be part of, actually. Senior photos have gotten a bit of flack recently for being unnecessary, but the reality is that they are just as important as any milestone shoot. Seriously! I hated my senior portrait session, but I suppose that was simply for the fact that at the time (oh yeah 2004 was waaaaay back when) shoots were generally done in dark studios with really corny backdrops (yes i had fake Greek pillars in the background of mine). But the point is, senior photos are the documentation of the last time your baby really is, well, your baby. I'd like to share with you all a recent senior session I did with my little sister, G. I am the second oldest of six kids in my family, this is the third (and final) sister that I have had the pleasure to photograph during their senior year (bonus, no Greek pillars for them!) This is a winter session in the Pacific Northwest in a wetland nature park. While dark and somber (hello PNW) the low light helps set the tone of the location -- where she grew up, where she learned to be the person that will very soon be moving on to California and around the world to make her mark. So yeah, senior portraits are important, and the only rules (aside from getting them done during your senior high school year) is to be yourself.