Double Maternity

Some women don't want to have anything to do with a camera when they are pregnant. Everyone is different. Including women who want to have not one but two maternity sessions! If you view a maternity session as a time to be with your family and document a moment in time then it makes sense. This lovely mommy wanted just that -- a six month session and a nine month session. A lot changes in just a few months! And if you're familiar with Rochester then you know that the weather holds true to that statement as well. We shot the six month session in Rochester's High Falls district, a quiet urban setting in the downtown. Luckily we were able to include the family bear-dog in the shoot. We scheduled the nine month session for Ontario Beach Park -- doesn't it look private and secluded? Would you believe me if I told you there were over a thousand people at our heels at the park that day? Talk about a challenge. Enjoy this lovely family's sessions!