Six and Nine

I love seeing watching as babies grow. Do you remember watching those little seeds you planted as a kid inside of empty egg carton shells? Every morning you ran downstairs to see if it grew. When you watched it every day change seemed non existent, but if you skipped a few days (oops) magic would unfold in front of your eyes. Babies are the same way. Daily their growth seems slow, but when you step back and look at intervals, wow! I am so grateful for my favorite little baby model, N, to allow me to capture this change. Six months and nine months, enjoy!


Babies. They're small one minute, then all of a sudden they're double their size. How do they do it? It's incredible how fast a baby changes over the first month after birth. From wrinkled and pink in the hospital basket to eyes wide open with a full head of hair one month later. Is it the same baby? I love following babies on their journeys and seeing them grow. This little baby, Baby N, i've had the pleasure of knowing since before he was born. I'm so very thankful for the privilege of being called on to document his family's love for him as well as his growth. It's an amazing thing to witness. In this post you will see photos from N's first day inside the hospital as well as his one month shoot. 

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A Baby Bundle.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous holiday with your friends and family. I'm very excited for 2016, no longer a new comer to Rochester, I feel like I belong here now. To start off the new year i'm announcing a new photo package called The Baby Bundle. The Baby Bundle is for those who are getting ready to welcome a new bundle of joy! Year of the baby. The bundle consists of four baby-themed sessions of your choice; maternity session, baby shower coverage, hospital shoot/coverage, first weeks session, 1 month session, six months session or a one year session. By booking the bundle you save 25% of what it would cost to schedule four sessions with me, or rather you get four sessions for less than the price of three. Send me a quick note through the contact form to schedule a consulation.

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maternity sessions -- inside your home or out and about

Baby shower event coverage -- nursery tour

The first moments -- hospital or home birth coverage, either during or after labor (on call)

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The first few weeks...

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1 month....

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One big year...