Summertime Throwback

I have to post this August session before we get too far away from the memory of summer -- how can it already be mid October? Autumn is a very busy season in the photography world, family photos in bright piles of leaves or hiding amid a pumpkin patch are among the top sought after scenes of the year. There's something cozy about fall that entices people to document it. But before all that I there was summer -- now i'm not the biggest fan of summer (i do not miss the weather in Brazil at all)  but there is something so carefree and lazy about summer photos. perhaps it's the outfits, the light that seemingly never seems to fade or maybe it's the attitude that a balmy summer evening produces in people. In any case, here is my last post of our long gone summer, and who better to represent it than Model Baby himself. Beach photos taken at Hamlin State Park and the sunflowers at the farm on Clover Rd in Pittsford. 

Six and Nine

I love seeing watching as babies grow. Do you remember watching those little seeds you planted as a kid inside of empty egg carton shells? Every morning you ran downstairs to see if it grew. When you watched it every day change seemed non existent, but if you skipped a few days (oops) magic would unfold in front of your eyes. Babies are the same way. Daily their growth seems slow, but when you step back and look at intervals, wow! I am so grateful for my favorite little baby model, N, to allow me to capture this change. Six months and nine months, enjoy!

Double Maternity

Some women don't want to have anything to do with a camera when they are pregnant. Everyone is different. Including women who want to have not one but two maternity sessions! If you view a maternity session as a time to be with your family and document a moment in time then it makes sense. This lovely mommy wanted just that -- a six month session and a nine month session. A lot changes in just a few months! And if you're familiar with Rochester then you know that the weather holds true to that statement as well. We shot the six month session in Rochester's High Falls district, a quiet urban setting in the downtown. Luckily we were able to include the family bear-dog in the shoot. We scheduled the nine month session for Ontario Beach Park -- doesn't it look private and secluded? Would you believe me if I told you there were over a thousand people at our heels at the park that day? Talk about a challenge. Enjoy this lovely family's sessions!

The City Life

Living in Rochester doesn't exactly feel like living in a city. Which isn't a bad thing. But when I get a chance to photograph in NYC i get pretty excited. I love city shots. I guess I really just love cities. Missing Sao Paulo still? One of my dearest friends, who happens to be an incredible lifestyle photographer herself, invited us for a long (sunny!) weekend in NYC and what else could we possibly do other than a photo shoot of her beautiful family in Brooklyn? 


Wow, it's still in the 40 and 50's here in Rochester, in December! When we moved here in January of last year we barely had days reach up into the 30's. Heat wave? In any case, the warm weather allows for more outdoor photo sessions with kids! While the north east leaves on the trees are gone now, in mid November we still had bright yellows and reds. This shoot was done at Ellison Park (undoubtedly my favorite park in Rochester) during the second week of November. 

A Ham

Sometimes you meet those babies that are just the personification of happiness. They turn toward the camera with their pouty eyes and just somehow know how to strike a pose. What a ham. That's how baby L was during his One Year shoot. As hammy as it gets. Such a cute family, and apparently baby's favorite past time is sitting with dad on the lawn mower and motorbike. A true Upstate kid. Happy birthday little guy!

Bonjour, Rochester!

I've spent seemingly my entire adult life inside the expat community. Whether in France, Brazil or now here - in Rochester. I know, how can an American be an expat inside the USA? My family will always be partly foreign no matter where we go for the rest of our lives, so that expat nugget inside of me hangs on in order to not "get out of practice."  I suppose I feel at home with the expat community, I know what they're going through and how difficult the expat life can be at times. But I also know that what can make or break an expat's stay is outlook. Rochester is by far not the "American Dream" that comes to mind when non-Americans think about the USA. Winter is rough, really rough. The city is in transition. Rochester was once a great manufacturing city, but like so many other cities along the (does Rochester count?) rust belt region in the USA, it was hit hard by the dismantling of industry. But the area is recovering. If anything, Rochester represents a far more realistic panorama of the American life, the real American life as opposed to dreams of Manhattan city lofts. So for many expats Rochester can be tough, boring, simple...the truth is that it can be whatever you make it. You find what you seek, if you're looking for things that will make you happy you will find them. I was thrilled to do a family shoot for a new expat family in Rochester in order to commemorate their move here. How great is that? Taking Rochester by the horns and enjoying it. We're happy to have your beautiful family here!


I'm from Seattle. So naturally I would think that the Pacific Northwest is the best region in the United States. I do think that it is the best place, but only because it is true. The only problem with the PNW, sometimes, is it's tree layer. Washington is the evergreen state because it never loses its leaves. Washington is green year round. And those giant trees outside your window never sleep. While beautiful, their shade can be a bit of a nuisance for photographs. Every shot finishes with a bit of a shade. Is that a bad thing? It's my PNW filter. Below is a family session near and dear to my heart, shot in the tree shade in the PNW.

Baby Girl..

I absolutely cannot say no to a baby shoot. I love photographing new borns. So when i was contacted a week ago to shoot on the morning before moving out of the country, I could only say yes! Super chubby cheeks, a handsome big brother and two amazing parents who looked amazing despite the fact that they probably haven't slept in weeks! 


A Boy and His Dog

Our querido Lucas is one!

One year ago this little boy and his pup took a photo together for the family's first Chrsitmas card. One year later his dear mum decided to continue the tradition and get Mia and Lucas together for another Christmas shoot. Poor Mia, during the first shoot the baby didn't move much, now he's pulling the leash with gusto! He does love his pup though <3

Animal Crackers

I love it when brothers and sisters are best buds. It could have just been the oddity of being in front of a camera, but this brother and sister duo were firecrackers jumping off the walls. I'll admit there was a lot of blur and turned heads. But luckily, as moms always know what to do, mom whipped out the animal crackers to create a moment of calm which also added a surprisingly fun prop!


my first newborn

I tell myself all the time that i am specialized in food and product photography, i like photographing humans, but it's not my specialty. I've been telling myself that for the past two years since i seriously started photographing people. It's a security blanket...but honestly im out of that security now, i'm a human photographer. I've been lucky enough to have a great mentor to help me transition into the human market, my friend Jana of Jana Davis Pearl Photography. Formerly Sao Paulo based, she is now based in New York City. Lucky New Yorkers! I've inherited a few of her former clients, including an amazing family with a brand new addition. Infant photography is more or less a one time shot, a week later they are already a lot larger. So when the C family asked me to photograph their brand new son, i was nervous as hell! Luckily, through Jana's recommendation they trusted me to come into their home and photograph them in a very intimate light, less than two weeks after the birth of their beautiful son. You must be comfortable with your photographer to let them into your home at a very vulnerable moment in your life, but if you do it is an amazing experience for the photographer. With that said, i think i have fallen in love with baby photography! Excited for the next bundle of joy. 

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