Double Maternity

Some women don't want to have anything to do with a camera when they are pregnant. Everyone is different. Including women who want to have not one but two maternity sessions! If you view a maternity session as a time to be with your family and document a moment in time then it makes sense. This lovely mommy wanted just that -- a six month session and a nine month session. A lot changes in just a few months! And if you're familiar with Rochester then you know that the weather holds true to that statement as well. We shot the six month session in Rochester's High Falls district, a quiet urban setting in the downtown. Luckily we were able to include the family bear-dog in the shoot. We scheduled the nine month session for Ontario Beach Park -- doesn't it look private and secluded? Would you believe me if I told you there were over a thousand people at our heels at the park that day? Talk about a challenge. Enjoy this lovely family's sessions!

NYC: Maternity

Many expecting mothers tell me after their shoot that they were never planning on having a maternity shoot. While it seems like everyone does it based on Pinterest and the blog world, the reality is that only a very small percentage of mommies-to-be decide to step in front of the camera. Why? Sometimes it is cost (there are a lot of baby expenses racking up during this time!), perhaps a self consciousness of being pregnant; many women don't feel like themselves in their own alien body during pregnancy or maybe it's feeling like you shouldn't have the spotlight because after all there are thousands of babies born each day, right? All those doubts aside, what are the reasons for having one? The memory. Once your baby is born you will have them as a constant in your life, as they grow the once seeming colossal that was pregnancy will start to fade. You will slowly forget what it is that your body went through, a shoot is a beautiful physical reminder of what you did and who you were in that moment in time. Don't think you deserve the spotlight? Yes you do. There might be a thousand other pregnant women in your city but none of them have your baby inside of them. You can and should celebrate you and your babies closest time together. It is empowering. Pregnancy changes a lot of our favorite aspects of our bodies and more often than not grows self consciousness alongside that growing human. The truth is that pregnant women are beautiful, and while you might not see it everyone else does--and someday you might too. You might have another pregnancy in the future, but you might not. So live today like there isn't a second chance. And it doesn't hurt that your hair, skin and smile look extra glossy while pregnant ;)

Enjoy this sleepy NYC apartment shoot, my beautiful model happens to be a relative and has admitted that she never intended to do a shoot, but after my nudging is oh so very glad that she did. Live life without regrets, get your photo taken!



Downtown, Baby

It's baby season. What can I say. I can't get enough babies, baby showers and maternity shoots! It fits so well with this balmy end of summer weather. The days are surprisingly already shortening, and the crickets seem to be coming out earlier. There's a cooler breeze. Seasons and babies, what can be better? This is my first autumn since 2009, im ready for apples, orchards, pumpkins, spices and nippy breezes and rainy days. What makes an autumn day even more memorable? How about a cozy photo session with babies snuggled into cozy blankets. Dreaming ahead! But first, late summer maternity session. Ah, anticipation. Today's models, M&H, are true Rochestarians at heart (though they are both Paulistas!) but their new baby boy will soon be a true Rochestarian. What better scene to celebrate than with a maternity shoot in downtown Rochester? People can say what they want about this third city, but the more i get to know Rochester, the more i'm falling in love with it. 

T&G - Maternity Session at Highland Park

Pregnancy is always a little mysterious, isn't it. It's a time when the body is put to the ultimate test; strained and pained. Yet it's also a time when the body looks amazingly beautiful. How can that be!? This is the reason I love maternity shoots. So calming, so peaceful.... then a few months later the baby shoot arrives and the peace and calm are but a distant memory! T & G are about to have twins, and there was no better way to capture the calm before the storm than with a quiet evening session at Rochester's Highland Park. Highland is a beautifully manicured garden (an Olmsted Park, actually)  full of secret pockets of flower lined  meadows -- a perfect location for intimate sessions.  Congratulations T & G!


There is something so calming about doing a maternity shoot. Soft light, quiet voices, maybe a sleeping pup... yet at the same time it is a little electric with anticipation. I am so thrilled to have been able to work with this beautiful mommy-to-be and grateful for being trusted to take such time sensitive and intimate photos. My favorite elements of the shoot were of course the couple's adorable doggy, Teddy, and the details in the nursery. The botanical prints that adorn baby's nursery are the very same that decorated mommy-to-be's nursery.