The City Life

Living in Rochester doesn't exactly feel like living in a city. Which isn't a bad thing. But when I get a chance to photograph in NYC i get pretty excited. I love city shots. I guess I really just love cities. Missing Sao Paulo still? One of my dearest friends, who happens to be an incredible lifestyle photographer herself, invited us for a long (sunny!) weekend in NYC and what else could we possibly do other than a photo shoot of her beautiful family in Brooklyn? 

That Time in Brazil...

It's very true. I miss Brazil. Cliches are cliches for a reason. You never know how much you love something, or how much you will miss something until after you let it go. Technically Brazil will never be out of my life as half of my family remain there, not to mention my husband is Brazilian. But moving on is always bitter sweet. Difficult. Lonely. We are happy in Rochester, NY, we have to look at change as an advernture and challenge. It's too easy when life is easy. Hello Rochester, I'll start with one look backward. A post that's been waiting in the wings. Right before moving we were visited by my little sister and her dear friend. Their Sampa and Rio tour acted double duty as our final Sampa and Rio tour. Sao Paulo, you are lovely. Also i'm a bit jealous that my senior portraits were at a dumpy dark studio and not, as is the case here, in the botanical gardens of Rio!