Brett & Lisa

My gosh it has been so long since my last post! And I have so much to throw at you! I won't even start with how crazy life has been with a child, trying to get back into work mode from being off for so long. Well weddings wait for no one! So without all the chit chat (I'll be back with some personal posts!) I give you Brett and Lisa! This gorgeous couple tied the knot at the beautiful Inn on the Lake in Canandaigua, one of New York's popular Finger Lakes. Enjoy!

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Not all Weddings are White

I recently had the privilege to photograph a beautiful non traditional wedding at the Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, NY. The event was a second wedding for both the bride and groom, and to really make that stand out the beautiful bride wore a gown of dusty rose that accompanied the color palette the formal luncheon decor. The bride had requested that no formal photos be done -- none. No kissing, holding hands, standing posed in a group. I agreed, but somehow managed last minute to convince her to give me two minutes to snag a few of those traditional set ups. The couple originally had planned to not have a photographer at all, but had a change of heart last minute and decided that a non traditional wedding can have non traditional photography coverage. So glad they did! The day was split between the ceremony and luncheon at the country club and at the evening Hamptons themed cocktail party at their home. 

A White House Wedding

Trust. You don't hire a photographer unless you trust them. It sounds cliché but that's one of the most amazing things about being a photographer. Think about it, here you are one month after your wedding. Your friends have stopped talking about the food, you're probably back from the honeymoon, and the whole memory of the wedding seems like a blur. After months of endless planning weddings can oftentimes fly by in a blur of excitement, chaos and joy.  Did it even happen? Then you remember that there is something left -- the photos. You don't think about memories until, well until they become memories. Wedding photography is storytelling. It should tell the story from start to finish in a way that those who weren't even there should feel as if they were. Finally, after a seemingly endless wait, your photos arrive and you get to live one of the best days of your life all over again. 

It was an honor to be chosen to shoot this White House Lodge (Webster, NY) wedding in late September. The weather was still surprisingly warm, yet crisp enough to make suit and tie a comfortable reality. The bride and groom catered the wedding themselves (they happen to own a catering company together) and the rest of the details were organized DIY by the bride and her man of honor. You'll notice there were no table settings - guests were invited to spread a blanket and have a picnic! Non traditional weddings are the most fun to photograph. Charming details, great weather, happy guests, a beautiful bride and a beaming groom--there's nothing more you can ask for in a wedding ;)

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A Very Civil Ceremony

Civil wedding ceremonies still really get to me.  I know the nerves, the excitement, the fear, the determination that saturates the hallways and seeps out those big double doors. What are we doing? Wait, this isn't how I imagined it when i was little (or on my Pinterest board for that matter). People get married for all sorts of reasons. You see, marriage requires love, but love doesn't require marriage. Some of us get married for religious reasons, some for economic or tax reasons, and others, like me, for the simple reason to be able to live with the person you love.  For this I don't regret my civil wedding, and hell if the Brazilian Cartorio where i got hitched had been half as gorgeous as the Rochester City Hall where this fabulous international couple tied the knot I'd have been over the moon! Let me present C and P, star crossed lovers from opposite corners of the globe united in these here United States. How can you say that isn't romantic? Following their civil wedding ceremony at the City Hall, we changed wardrobe and set out to, essentially, capture an engagement shoot in order to use the photos for their save the date cards for their future wedding party in northern France. Are we invited to that wedding too????? What I love about this shoot is that you can see the relief, joy, and utter love in the "engagement photos"  as they followed a very emotional civil service. Not to mention how they elected to showcase downtown Rochester and the George Eastman House Gardens in their photos as a tribute to the city that brought them together. I hope that someday we will all be able to live with our loved ones despite boarders and visas and heartbreak...until then, bask in the love of this lucky couple ;)

A Restaurant Wedding

I've been thinking about flashes (strobe lights) a lot lately. I've always been a little intimidated by it. Why use flash when you can use natural light? But the truth is the photographer isn't the one who chooses. The situation chooses. The time of day, the time of year. The location.  We all need more flash in our lives! Especially because a large percentage of weddings around the world (surprise!) are held indoors. I was very lucky to be given the chance to photograph an indoor wedding last weekend here in Rochester. Can you believe it was last minute? The bride planned and organized everything in only two weeks! You wouldn't know it. Everything in this wedding was very personalized. The bride's sister in law added handmade details the bride's shoes, the mother of the groom put together all of the bouquets and flower arangements. I wish all the happiness in the world to this couple.